Fastener Equipment
Electrical Upgrades

Safety Light Fault Panel
Mounted above push button station for easy operator awareness
Typical Functions Covered
Flood Lube Fault Low Coolant Pressure
Clean Lube Filter Clean Coolant Filter - 1
Farval Lube Cycle Fault Clean Coolant Filter - 2
Wrist Pin - Low Lube Pressure End of Wire
Pitman - Low Lube Pressure Operator Safety Door
Grease - Low End of Line Pressure Motor Overload - Open
Grease Reservoir - Low Level Transfer Clutch Overload
Flood Lube Reservoir Low Top Hood Open
Brankamp Fault Low Air Pressure
All faults must be cleared before operating the machine

Fault Lights and Counters
can be included in the push button station.
2nd hand jog button installed
on all machines.
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