Fastener Equipment Upgrades


Flood, drip or pressure Lubrication Systems or combinations of any two or three. Lincoln, Trabon, Farval, Willy Vogel, Oil or Grease. Example: flood to mains, pitman and wrist pin, grease to all machine external bearings and timed pressure to front liners and caps to restrict the mixing into the coolant.

All new electrical features including Allen Bradley SLc 500 processor, PDI pressure switch, Gemco rotary or Electro-cam programmable limit switches, safety light fault panel or Allen Bradley panelview.

Air clamping for feed rolls, free standing or machine mounted, tamper proof regulators, main air safety lockout, and all pneumatic valves replaced.

This National 3/8-4 die boltmaker converted to 4 die cold former.
Trim Lever Changed, Pointer Removed,
Lincoln Lube System added to a 15 gallon reservoir supplied by recirculating oil through a double filtering system from a built in reservoir under the machine frame. Low level switch on Lincoln reservoir controlling hi-low Gem switches in the base.

"Omega" Thermocouplers for bearing / liner temperature controls with bayonet quick disconnects. Auto-tune controller fitted inside box attached to machine or electrical cabinet. Typically used on mains, pitman, wrist pin and both front side liners.

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